Why say no to sulphates and silicones?

Natural alternatives to sulphates and silicones exist; so why are sulphates and silicones still used in hair products? The answer is simple. It is a very cheap inexpensive ingredient that allows companies to make a higher profitable margin on their products. 

What are sulphates? 
A commonly used lathering agent found in nearly all retail and salon shampoos. It produces that bubbly lather that we then associate with leaving your hair squeaky clean. In the process, it severely strips your scalp of its natural oils that are essential for keeping your scalp skin healthy and hydrated. It leaves hair dehydrated, dry and brittle, which leads to lifeless locks and breakage. As a result, the scalp increases its oil production to overcompensate for the dryness. It's a never-ending vicious cycle of severe dry scalp issues and an over oily scalp.

Balance your scalp health by leaving sulphates in your dishwashing liquid and car wash products, NOT in your shampoo.   

Particular Cosmetics Sulphate Vicious Cycle Problems



What are silicones?
A synthetic ingredient made up of silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Widely used in conditioners to detangle hair and give you that desired 'SLIP' factor. While it feels amazing at first, you will notice that your hair feels weighed down, dry, and lifeless after continuous use. Why? Most silicones are insoluble in water. It gradually coats the hair acting as a filler, causing product build-up.

Ever wondered why your hair masks or overnight oils don't work? These treatments sit on top of your hair strand because the silicone has created a barrier preventing products from entering and repairing your hair.


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