Scalp Essentials

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Start your natural hair care journey with the Particular essential product range. These three products will transform the overall health of your hair from the roots to the ends. The scalp serum, shampoo and conditioner complement each other and work in conjunction to soothe problematic scalp issues, strengthen, repair damage and add moisture back into your strands.

Scalp Serum
A potent treatment that stimulates hair growth, soothes problematic scalp issues and provides nutrients right where you need it. The serum conditions and nourishes your scalp, creating the optimal environment for the growth of strong and healthy hair.

Formulated using unique Australian native extracts, this sulphate-free shampoo gently cleanses and clarifies the hair and scalp, while providing nutrients directly to the follicles.

A nourishing conditioner hydrates your strands leaving hair soft and smooth without weighing it down. It helps repair damage, add moisture to dry and brittle hair while also protecting against further breakage. A rich and creamy formula that easily detangles your strands leaving hair easily manageable and frizz free.