Particular about sustainability

Particular Hair Cosmetics is a proud Australian brand passionate about ensuring the long-term sustainability of our beautiful land. We work closely with all our suppliers to strive towards conscious harvesting and manufacturing practices that are ethical and sustainable with a higher focus on clean, environmentally friendly ingredients.

We understand our responsibility as a company and make a conscious effort to select ingredients that are not only grown and harvested in a sustainable manner but also support our local growers and communities. All of the native Australian extracts and key feature extracts in our formulas align with our brand values. At particular we focus on natural ingredients but in the process, we are committed to positive environmental practices and social responsibility. 

Supporting Indigenous harvesters & recognised Indigenous advisors that are experts in growing native extracts and sustainable harvesting methods to promote plant re-growth and minimise wastage.

It is unacceptable that only 1% of the bushfood industry is Indigenous owned.

We are committed to increasing this number by using extracts that are directly harvested by Indigenous growers.

By collaborating with our native extract supplier, we are directly supporting programs that empower local communities.

  • Mentorship Programs – currently advising Nood Australia + Bardi People.
  • Native Bush Food Garden - Collaborating and partnering with Indigenous owned enterprises, Co-Ops and recognised Indigenous Advisory/Advocacy groups.

Never more than 10% of a crop is harvested for the extracts we use in our products. This protects the plant species and allows the plant to regenerate. Minimal crop picking preserves the ecosystem as a whole.

The unique cellular extraction method uses less plant material than the typical maceration/percolation processes. This biomass efficient extraction process reduces the risk of over harvesting species.

Throughout manufacturing processes, the use of filtered, deionized and purified rain harvested water- reduces the use of public supply by more than 1000L/day.

Extract species grown in pristine Australian environment with no pesticides or heavy metals that compromises the integrity of the plant. These extracts are clean, raw, organic, wild harvested botanicals. 

Our brand does not use ingredients that are palm derived or have been manufactured with palm oil. We want to avoid any participation towards global deforestation. 

No animal or animal by-products are included in our formulas. 

None of the ingredients have or will ever be tested on our beloved companions.

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