Hair Turbans


Our Hair Turbans have been uniquely designed to protect hair from the damaging friction between your hair and pillow that eventually cause, breakage, frizz and split ends. Wrapping your hair in the Turban will not only prevent tangling but also keeps your hair well moisturised by encouraging the natural oils on your scalp to spread from root to ends.

Covering your hair when you apply a treatment creates a warm environment which increases blood circulation and allows your pores to open up. This method stimulates growth at the follicles and also ensures that product completely saturates your hair and scalp. (Avoid any contact with other materials and if using overnight, we recommend a protective covering on pillow)

All our turbans are designed and handcrafted here in Perth Western Australia by a local accredited manufacturer. We strongly believe in ethical shopping and supporting Australian businesses, this being the primary reason we have chosen to collaborate with local designers and source our materials in Australia.

97% Polyester
3% Elastane 

At Particular we do not support the use of animal by-products and have chosen not to use Mulberry silk in our Hair Turbans.